Y. Kuznecov Russian guitarist and a teacherY. Kuznecov Russian guitarist and a teacher

Guitar Video School

There are several reasons for creation of the Guitar Video Course: my desire to make guitar course available for everybody, to share the 40-years life with the guitar with the beginners, and the absence of a comprehensive guitar course in Russia.

I should explain that, of-course, we have a lot of guitar courses, including video schools, however not one of them meets necessary requirements. In other words, working with these courses the students do not find the answers to many of their questions. Due to this reason, when working on the Guitar Video School I tried to give as much details as possible. As a result, the Guitar Video School was developed which guarantees to any student that he can fully master a classical guitar.

The school has three part:

The first part is devoted to the music theory and the technical problems of the guitar playing.

The second part is devoted to the questions of interpretation illustrated by the mastering examples of Bach, Sor and Juliani.

The third part is devoted to over-difficult transcriptions of Bach compositions.

At the end I would like to stress that the Guitar Video School guarantees mastering of a guitar at a very high level.

You may order the Guitar Video School course by e-mail. The price of each part of the course is 100 euro.

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